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Sam Smith covering Fast Car in the Radio 1 Live Lounge!!!!

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Earlier this year Scandinavian artists Robyn and Röyksopp collaborated on a unique mini-album titled Do It Again.


Phone Joan - Ashes & Dust

Today I discovered Phone Joan, a Norwegian Rock band. Well, I have to add their nationality because a) you wouldn’t have guessed it from their sound and more importantly b) because of “Black Gold”, a song from their upcoming third album “Turning Pages”.It’s about the black gold aka oil. Well, it’s not the video above but below this text. So, why not feature it right away? Because I checked out more music from this band and stumbled over “Ashes & Dust” where I like Carina Moen’s voice a lot more. It’s a little less aggressive and a little bit more singing. And it’s a classic Rock hymn with ear worm quality. The video shows the band recording in the Sputnik Sound Studio, Nashville, TN. It’s actually exactly the take which made it onto the album.

For mixing, recording and production they worked with Vance Powell (Jack White, Raconteurs, White Stripes etc.) who asked them, not the other way round. The result is a rock album with “anger management” songs like “Black Oil” which need a certain volume to fully come to live. But there are also quieter moments on the album “Those Who Fade”…well, for half a song at least. This four piece certainly knows how to do a very good rock album. 

And here the video for “Black Gold” - a song about, you might have guessed it, Norwegian oil industry and what Phone Joan think about it: 

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Hozier | Arsonist’s Lullabye

don’t you ever tame your demons
but always keep them on a leash

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“Gunshot” is the newest single from Lykke Li, following on the heels of previous tracks, “No Rest for the Wicked” and “Love Me Like I’m Not Made of Stone.” (via Listen: Lykke Li – “Gunshot” | Under the Radar - Music Magazine)


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Robyn and Röyksopp’s much anticipated joint EP Do It Again comes out on 5/26 but you can listen to two songs right here!


On May 26 Röyksopp and Robyn will release their collaborative EP Do it Again. (via Listen: Röyksopp and Robyn – “Do It Again” & “Every Little Thing” | Under the Radar - Music Magazine)



"Tennis Court (Lorde cover)" - The Kite String Tangle

Really liked this right now. 

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Pompeii Bastille - Madilyn Bailey (Acoustic Cover)

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Lykke Li - No Rest For The Wicked 

As we told you already, everyone’s fave Lykke Li will release her new album in May. Here is an another song from the I Never Learn LP, this one is called No Rest For The Wicked.

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